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AJM Fire Risk Assessment ServicesFire Safety Consultancy

Taking Appropriate Action to Mitigate Risk


As part of my committment

to support existing clients, potential new clients and the business community in general, and in line with my

partnership relationship approach to effective

risk management,

AJM Fire Risk Assessment Services has prepared various levels of advice to

help you through

some of the most common

fire risk factors 



The current COVID-19

situation is constantly

changing in the UK



I will try to help you through

a process to help mitigate

fire risk and maintain compliance across your

business or organisation



It is important that you, as Responsible Persons (RPs)

and duty holders, continue

to maintain in place the precautions identified within your existing fire risk assessment report of your premises or site



This includes ensuring that

the following components continue to operate and

function properly:

Fire detection and

alarm system(s);

Emergency escape

lighting system(s); and

all passive and active systems

for suppressing and

controlling fire spread



It is also critical to ensure

that ALL sources of fuel and ignition remain separated



If you do cease to operate

your premises, it is very important to ensure that all

of the existing fire precautions are operative

upon reoccupation



Any planned review/audit

of your existing fire risk assessment report(s) can be lengthened in the current circumstances, on a risk basis, dependent upon the findings

of the previous assessment





Contact me now to discuss

your requirements or to answer

any questions you may have regarding current fire safety legislation or fire safety 

management systems



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