Fire Risk Assessment Report


Your Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) will be carried out by myself after a detailed consultation at your premises.


Your comprehensive FRA will be either presented in a paper word format within a clear fronted spiral bound report or a PDF word version via E-Mail and where applicable, will contain amongst other items the following information:

  • Introduction to the premises;
  • General information about the premises, occupants and any fire loss experience;
  • Relevant fire safety legislation;
  • Fire hazards and their elimination or control;
  • Fire protection measures;
  • Management of fire safety;
  • Fire record drawings of the premises (where applicable);
  • Fire alarm zone plans of the premises (where applicable);
  • Room number schedule (where applicable);
  • Fire risk assessment estimator;
  • Recommended actions;
  • Photographs (where applicable);
  • AJM Fire Risk Assessment contact details;
  • Your local Fire and Rescue Service contact details; and
  • Any other relevant notes.


Prior to the FRA being carried out, a full consultation will be carried out with you to ascertain the necessary level of information to assist in the preparation of the final FRA report.


Typically this will take approximately 60 to 90 minutes of your valuable time and effort. 


Contained within the individual sections of the final FRA report will be references to the following:

  • Occupants at special risk;
  • Electrical sources of ignition;
  • Smoking provision for staff and visitors;
  • Aspects of arson;
  • Portable heaters and heating installations;
  • Cooking provisions;
  • Lightning provisions;
  • Housekeeping items;
  • Hazards introduced by outside contractors and building works;
  • Means of escape;
  • Measures to limit fire spread and development;
  • Emergency escape lighting;
  • Fire safety signs and notices;
  • Means of giving warning in case of fire;
  • Manual fire extinguishing appliances;
  • Automatic fire extinguishing systems;
  • Procedures and arrangements for the management of fire safety;
  • Training of staff;
  • Fire drills;
  • Testing and maintenance of the workplace; and
  • Keeping and maintaining records of inspections, tests and staff training.


I can help your business, company or organisation when your Local Authority Fire and Rescue Service (LAFRS) have visited and issued some form of Enforcement Action/Notice or served a Prohibition Notice to you.  


I can carry out a full review of your existing Fire Risk Assessment report and audit your current fire safety management policies and procedures, and then liaise with your LAFRS to quickly resolve any short comings the LAFRS have found issues with.



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