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I liaise and work closely with clients to help them set up internal fire risk management processes that allows them to comply fully with all current fire safety related legislation and guidance publications.


I would recommend that you contact me with an initial idea together with a set of objectives, a goal, a timetable, and perhaps a budget.


The outcome from this would be a fully compliant fire risk management routine with a view to saving you money, improving efficiency and employee training elements.


Once complete, I am happy to conclude our relationship although many clients like to retain my on-going help and professional support services to deal with any future changes or additions to fire safety related legislation and guidance publications.


This would require a review of your existing fire risk assessment(s) and other important documents once each year to help you maintain and update your level of fire safety compliance.


Phone or E-Mail today for reassurance and a complete peace of mind.


It takes less than 2 minutes!


AJM Fire Risk Assessment Services can work with you and your business, company or organisation to ensure that you fully comply with all aspects of current fire safety legislation.



Contact me now to discuss

your requirements or to answer any questions

you may have regarding current fire safety legislation

or fire safety management systems.



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