Premises Covered


I am able to provide professional advice upon a wide range of premises including:


Offices and shops (including shopping centres)


Factories and warehouses   


Sleeping accommodation (hotels, motels, HMOs, FMOs, communal areas of apartments and flats, flats and maisonettes/holiday chalets and parks)  


Residential care premises (residential and care homes/care homes with nursing [as defined by the Health and Care Act 2022])


Educational premises (schools, universities, academies, crèches, adult education and outdoor education centres)


Small (up to 60 people) to medium (up to 300 people) places of assembly (public houses, clubs, restaurants, libraries, museums, village halls, churches, marquees and tents)


Large places of assembly (more than 300 people) (sports stadia, leisure centres, swimming pools, exhibition and conference centres, libraries, museums, large nightclubs, churches, cathedrals, other places of worship, community centres and village halls, common areas of shopping malls, theatres, cinemas, concert halls and bingo halls)


Outdoor events (zoos, music concerts, sporting events, fireworks displays and markets)


Healthcare premises (hospitals, medical centres and other healthcare premises) 


Transport premises and facilities (train, bus, coach and airport transportation terminals and exchanges/passenger ferry ports and facilities/taxi stands and facilities/shipping ports and facilities) and


Animal premises and stables (all equine establishments, stables, livery yards and other animal establishments)



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