Fire Safety Training


Current fire legislation requires that ALL staff, employees or volunteers must receive basic Fire Safety Awareness Training.


Whether you are looking to inform and protect your staff, employees or volunteers; or develop your skills and knowledge to carry out your role in fire safety, I have a number of courses to suit your needs and requirements.


I am confident that if you book a place on one of my courses or request a 'bespoke course' tailored to the needs and requirements of your business, company or organisation, you will enjoy the highest quality and most up-to-date training.



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AJM Fire Risk Assessment Services can offer your business, company or organisation two levels of Fire Safety Awareness Training for your staff, employees or volunteers using PowerPoint presentations together with coloured paper handouts of the slideshows.


Every candidate attending a Fire Safety Awareness Training course will receive a Certificate of Attendance which is valid for 2 years. 



Basic Fire Safety Training Presentation:

Generally, this presentation lasts for 2 hours (120 minutes) with a short question and answer session at the end for up to 16 people per session, and includes the following topics:

  • Introduction;
  • Calling the Fire and Rescue Service;
  • Action to be taken;
  • Fire warning system;
  • Evacuation procedures;
  • Fire safety legislation;
  • Fighting fire;
  • The 'Fire Triangle';
  • How fire spreads;
  • Arson;
  • The 'Emergency Plan'; and
  • Fire-fighting equipment.


Aims of the Basic Fire Safety Training course:

  1. Understand how to ensure that your business, company or organisation complies with fire safety regulations.
  2. Understand your duties in eliminating or reducing the risk of fire in the workplace.
  3. Be aware of the components and causes of fire.
  4. Have a clear understanding of fire safety procedures and the steps to be taken in the event of a fire.
  5. Be able to distinguish between different types of fire extinguisher and understand their uses and constraints.
  6. Precautions to reduce the chances of arson.


Fire Warden Training Presentation:

Generally, this presentation lasts for up to 4 hours (240 minutes) with a short question and answer session at the end for up to 16 people per session, and includes the following topics:


In addition to the above Basic Fire Safety Training Presentation:

  • Review of modern fire safety law; 
  • The role of the Fire Warden;  
  • Basic principles of risk assessment;
  • Routine fire prevention measures;
  • Fire safety features and facilities;
  • Modes of evacuation; and
  • Fire drills and pre-planning.


Aims of the Fire Warden Training course:

  1. Understand the roles and responsibilities of a Fire Warden.
  2. Be able to identify all protected escape routes.
  3. Understand the term ‘means of escape’.
  4. Be able to complete and maintain accurate records.
  5. Recognise the requirements for special procedures for disabled staff and visitors.
  6. Be aware of the key fire safety duties under the law.
  7. Be conversant with reporting procedures on all fire safety matters.
  8. Be able to state the basic principles of risk assessment.
  9. Be aware of how to prevent fire or limit its impact.
  10. Be able to state the common modes of building evacuation.
  11. Recognise the need for fire drills and pre-planning for fire.
  12. Recognise active and passive fire safety features and facilities.
  13. Be able to identify and use a range of portable fire extinguishers and fire blankets efficiently and safely.



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